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Learning the piano requires you to train your brain and fingers to perform complex and endlessly beautiful tasks. Whether you want to play professionally or for personal enjoyment, our methods can help beginners learn the craft and advanced players refine their skills.

All lessons are completely personalized for every unique student:

  • Beginner players: lessons for 30 minutes weekly, during which we review the previous week’s assignments, assess progress and teach the assignments for the next week
  • Intermediate and advanced players: lessons for 30 or 60 minutes weekly involving the same process as above

Practice is Key

“At the end of the day, who I really and truly am is a little girl who loved to play the piano.”- Lady Gaga

At Elevate Studios, it is our experience that anyone has the aptitude learn to play the piano and play it very, very well. The most important characteristics to achieve these goals are a will to play, discipline and tenacity to put in the necessary quality time on the bench. We encourage students to practice 6 days a week for 20 minutes (beginners) to one hour (advanced students). To emphasize the importance of practice and help students meet their goals, it may be helpful to enter into our contractual practice agreement to hold the student accountable for their success.

Common Questions About Piano Lessons

How much do piano lessons cost?

  • 30-minute lessons: $25
  • 60-minute lessons: $50
  • $25 one-time registration fee

How many piano lessons will I need?

Learning the piano does not happen overnight. The right amount of lessons will vary greatly from student to student – it depends on how much you want to learn on your instrument, the practice time you can put into it and how far you want to take your art.

At Elevate Studios, piano students are encouraged to have 1 lesson per week, with optional additional weekly classwork for learning theory. There is no minimum or maximum number of lessons. However, mastery of an instrument is a lifelong pursuit, with even accomplished professional musicians studying with a teacher or coach throughout much of their lives. Self-discipline to practice your assigned material diligently, combined with the eagerness to learn, is sure to result in success.

What piano method(s) do you teach?

Robert Pace and Bastien, depending upon the maturity level of the beginning student.

At what age should my child begin studying piano?

At Elevate Studios, the average age of beginning piano students is 8. We recommend age 6 at the earliest, but some may be able to start earlier. In reality, any age that a student (adult or child) believes that they would like to learn a keyboard instrument is the perfect age for them to begin!

Will the instructor play for me?

Your instructor will listen as you play so he can coach you and help you develop into a life-long learner. The goal behind every lesson is to hone the skills of discipline, help students appreciate the beauty of music, learn different nuances of music and learn the value of hard work to achieve goals. While all of these skills are inherent in learning to play the piano, they are also important parts of every aspect of their lives, exponentially increasing your chances of enjoyment and success in everything you do in life.

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