Rick Fox

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Piano Instructor

“I feel that we are born musicians. I’ve been a musician for my entire life and will continue to be until the day I die.”  – Rick Fox

I started taking formal piano lessons in 1961, at age 7.  That was 57 years ago! I began teaching my first children’s choir as a high school junior in 1970. I started handling a roster of piano students my sophomore year of college in 1973.

My teaching philosophy is to emphasize the importance of self-discipline. The time my students dedicate to learning their craft is of the utmost importance. No one can practice for you, so you must have the desire to learn these skills – and put in the hard work to achieve your goals. I want students to begin to form a strong appreciation of music and the effort that goes behind learning these skills. Ultimately, I want students to live life to the fullest and music can be a large part of a person’s happiness.